plant diseases identification
Apple fruits showing scab

Photograph was provided by Dr. Imtiyaz Hussain, Assistant Professor, GDC Kargil from Laddakh, India on 05 November, 2020

angiospermic parasite
Dendrophthoe falcata commonly known as 'Banda' or 'Vanda' growing as hemi-parasite on stem of many woody tree species in the region of tropics.
Above photograph was provided bMr. Rahul from the Ayodhya, Uttar Prdesh India on 04 Novenber, 2020.

Plant disease
Photograph of Red rot of sugarcane (plate is reproduced by Prof. A.K. Maurya for the students) 

I found your website very much, relevant, resourceful, rich and academically useful for students as well as teachers. I have used your contents to develop my practical aid materials. I am thanking you for granting permission to use photographic materials. Looking forward for more updates, knowledge and photographs in future.
With best wishes

Dr Arun Kumar Maurya
Assistant Professor
Department of Botany
Multanimal Modi College, Modinagar, Ghaziabad, U.P. 201204.

Infected leaf of lemon showing canker

Plant pathology
little of brinjal

Above photographs were provided by Mr. Pradeep Singh on 28 September 2020. He is a student of B.Sc. III year biology at Kamla Nehru Institute of Physical and Social Sciences, Sultanpur. The photographs were taken at Mazruddinpur, Bikapur, Ayodhya, India.

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