• Sub-division : Algae
  • Class: Rhodophyceae (Red algae)
  • Sub-Class: Florideae (apical growth)
  • Order: Ceramiales
  • Family: Rhodomelaceae
  • Genus: Polysiphonia
  • Polysiphonia

    General characteristics

    1. Polysiphonia is a marine red algae found along the Atlantic coast of America.
    2. It grwos as lithophyte or epiphyte.
    3. P. platycarpa is an Indian species.
    4. Thallus is red to purple color.
    5. Thallus consists of two systems; (i) creeping, and (ii) erect system.
    6. Creeping system is attached to the substratu with the help if rhizoids.
    7. The erect system arises from the creeping prostrate system.
    8. It is branched and consists of parallel-siphons.
    9. The cells of the siphopn are conected end to end by means of plasmodesmata.
    10. Growth of the thallus is always by dome-shaped apical cell.
    11. The small mono-siphonous branches of limited growth are called 'trichoblast'.
    12. Life cycle is 'diplobiontic triphasic'.
    13. There are three types of plants; male, female and tetrasporophyte.
    14. The male plant bear bear 'antheridia' while female plant bear 'procarp'.
    15. Tetrasporophyte is asexual plant and produces tetraspores.
    16. Motile strucutres are altogether absent.

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