Laboratory safety and good laboratory practices

  1. Attend all required laboratory safety training prior to the start of your lab work.
  2. Follow all written and verbal instructions.
  3. Always bring your own unused blade, needle, forceps, scissors, dropper, watch glass, hand lens, clean piece of absorbent cloth.
  4. Always bring your practical record in the laboratory.
  5. Never handle a microscope with carelessness.
  6. Never put a glass slide on the stage of a microscope unless it is covered with a cover-slip.
  7. Do not leave the water tap opened.
  8. Never lift any chemical, instrument or glassware above your eye-level.
  9. Do not pipette by mouth.
  10. Avoid any contact of stains or chemicals with your hands.
  11. Never leave an ongoing experiment unattended.
  12. Keep your personal items separate from lab work.
  13. Do not use damaged glassware.
  14. Do not deliberately smell or taste chemicals.
  15. Do not open or touch any pathogenic microbes with naked hands.
  16. Never eat food, drink beverages, chew gum, apply cosmetics, or handle contact lenses in the laboratory.
  17. Wash your hands immediately after working with pathogenic organisms, stains or toxic chemicals.
  18. Keep your work area clean.
  19. Report to the lab bearer/supervisor any accident or injury.
  20. Clean up your working space before leaving.

Content first created on 24-11-2022
last updated on 24-11-2022