• Sub-division : Algae
  • Class: Xanthophyceae (Yellow-green algae)
  • Order: Heterosiphonales
  • Family: Vaucheriaceae
  • Genus: Vaucheria
  • Vaucheria
    Vaucheria: General characteristics and sexual reproduction

    General characteristics

    1. Vaucheria occurs in freshwater and on moist soils.
    2. On soil it forms a green matty structure.
    3. Thallus is tubular and irregularly branched filaments.
    4. Rhizoids are present in terrestrial species for the attachment to substratum.
    5. Filaments are aseptate and coenocytic.
    6. Central vacuole is present in the filament.
    7. Numerous oval or discoid chloroplasts are present.
    8. Pyrenoid is absent.
    9. Reserve food material is in the form of oil droplets.
    10. Reproduce by means of both asexual and sexual methods.
    11. Asexeual reproduction takes place by Zoospores, Aplanospores and Hypnospores (Gangrosira stage).
    12. Sexual reproduction is of oogamous type.
    13. Male reproductive organ is antheridia, while the female reproductive organ is ooganoia.

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    last updated on 11-10-2023